Creative Applications Of QR Codes In The Travel Industry

QR code technology is booming with time. Now, every other industry is considering using QR codes for a variety of purposes. But have you ever wondered how the travel industry is using them? If you have a travel business, you must know the creative applications of QR codes. This article will provide you with comprehensive methods to enhance the travel experience of the customers.

Frequent travelers are always looking for instant ways to access hotels, information about places, buy tickets, and more. And all this has now been possible with the QR code technology. It doesn’t just save time but also the effort. That is why people prefer them more while traveling.

Generating a QR code has now become easier. You don’t have to go through a complicated process. Instead, you can find several advanced platforms. One such application is Adobe Express. Here, you can use unique features to ease out the entire QR code generation process. So, you should never forget to try it out.

Travel businesses need to work to improve travelers’ experience consistently. It will further help their business to grow exponentially. Integrating QR code technology can provide you with good outcomes within a short period. However, you have to try creative methods for the same. Let’s have a closer look at these creative applications.

What Are The Best Creative Applications Of QR Codes In The Travel Industry?


You can utilize QR code technology in your travel business in numerous ways. The thing that matters the most is how creative these methods are. Here are some options to choose from:

Better Contact Tracing

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted travelers’ lives. Even though the virus spread is not alarming, many countries trace travelers who are coming from different locations. Well, it is a suitable step to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and viruses. The future is safe and secure because of this thing.

QR codes can be a game-changer in better contact tracing. Just by scanning a particular code, people can easily access the form they have to fill out for inquiry purposes, if any. The whole process is quick and straightforward even for those who aren’t familiar with it. So it can ace up the better contact tracing procedure. And the best part is that people don’t even need computers or laptops. Smartphones are more than capable of scanning while you are traveling.

Filling out a digital format form is much more convenient than the manual one. It also saves paper and brings a positive change in the environment. Therefore, people love it over other things.

Promotion Of Places

Sometimes travelers wish to look at places before visiting them. In this situation, providing them with diverse QR codes for multiple locations can turn out to be a brilliant strategy. They can scan them to see the images, videos, or other media to give them a detailed insight into a particular destination. Image galleries are perfect to promote as many places as you can and attract more customers. It is creative, unique, and worth a try.

Showcasing Different Cuisines


Travelers roam around multiple places to try different cuisines. To explore the best restaurants and cafes, they need to have some information. Everything will be easier after generating a QR code having a gallery of different cuisines for the customers. Images should be creative so that anybody would like to try scrumptious food items.

Restaurants and cafes can also use this strategy to attract more travelers. They can provide them with their menus and day offers through a QR code. As a result, they can reach the target audience quickly to improve their business.

Travel Pass

Another creative application of QR codes is offering travelers a travel pass. Many countries have already adopted this method as it is more convenient. With this QR-based travel pass, they can collect the travelers’ data like the places they have visited, their health conditions, and more. All these things matter a lot when foreigners travel to a particular country.

This digital system is also beneficial for travelers. They can straightforwardly use the code in different places by using a smartphone. The overall experience of traveling gets improved as a result. They can freely explore the destinations they have planned for the trip without any interruptions.

Easier Hotel Check-Ins

A traveler needs to stay at a hotel if they are planning to live a few days. People usually experience a lot of problems because of the complicated process of check-ins in some hotels. All these problems can easily be eradicated with the integration of QR technology.

Hotels can provide their customers with QR codes to have a hassle-free check-in. They can put up their details by using the same and complete the procedure. So, it is beneficial for both the hotel and the customer.

Now, Airbnbs are also gaining much attention. Hosts can follow this strategy to enhance the experience of visitors. Everything is smooth and stress-free because scanning QR codes takes just a couple of seconds.

Better Access To Various Resources


A tour involves a lot of things and travelers always require some additional resources to make their trip free from any issues. For instance, in the case of emergencies, they might need crucial phone numbers of Police Station, Hospitals, etc. It is impossible to collect these details in a diary or a smartphone. That is where the use of a QR code comes in. If it is provided to the tourists just when they arrive at a place, they will be more than satisfied and happy.

The tourist industry must keep the tourists’ needs as their priority.  It will help them make the right decisions and introduce the best systems for their usefulness. QR code technology is perfect in every manner. So more and more travel companies should consider implementing this strategy.

Concluding Words

You might have never pondered about how QR codes can improve the travel experience of a person. Well, now everything is as clear as water. The travel industry can utilize this technology in different creative methods to attract more travelers.